Need funds? A Comprehensive List of Grants and Other Funding Sources in BC

Spring is the time of year when outdoor clubs initiate trail maintenance—brought about by spring freshet and winter deadfall—but it’s also the time of year when we contemplate fall projects. Here in the South Okanagan, fall is the best time of the year to conduct major trail projects, as it spares us working in spring mud, and bypasses intense summer heat and mosquitoes.

One of the ingredients of any project is funding, and our club (the South Okanagan Trail Alliance) in cooperation with Natalia Pisarek (formerly with the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC) has assembled what is arguably the most comprehensive list of funding sources ever assembled in our field. Major kudos to Natalia!

So, in lieu of my usual trail-banter, I’d like to take this opportunity to share this incredible resource with all of you, my fellow FMCBC members.

For those seeking funding for 2019 trail-related projects, I’d suggest that you bribe your most ardent grant application writers with whatever food and drink they desire, and share this list with them at your earliest convenience.

And don’t forget about the FMCBC’s excellent Member Club Grant program, of which I’ll be one of several assessors for 2019.

Click here to view the Funders Spreadsheet.

Having trouble viewing it?

If you already have a Google account (a Gmail address), the spreadsheet will auto-preview for you within your web browser.

You can also download the spreadsheet and open it up in Microsoft Excel.

If you don’t own a copy of Microsoft Excel, you’ll need to open it up with an another program or app.

Mac: You can open the spreadsheet in the Numbers app

PC: Download an Excel viewer and use it to view the funding list spreadsheet. This Excel viewer is Microsoft-written software / guaranteed clean code, scanned and hosted on SOTA’s Google Drive.

Happy fundraising!

“Loo with a View” – ACC Vancouver Island’s 5040 Peak Hut and outhouse. The outhouse was funded in part by an FMCBC Member Club Grant. (Photo: ACC-VI)

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