Mountain Mentors 2019 Grant Update

Mountain Mentors is a mentorship program for self-identified womxn in Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Corridor. We’re excited to announce that Mountain Mentors, in partnership with the FMCBC, has been chosen as a 2019 The North Face Canada Explore Fund grant recipient! Mountain Mentors is one of 7 Explore Fund grantees this year across a diverse range of organizations helping to remove barriers to get people outside. With this support, Mountain Mentors will be organizing a series of skillshares that creates accessible opportunities for self-identified womxn to hone their skills in alpine sport at all levels and empowers them to step into leadership roles in their outdoor community and beyond.

(Photo: Mountain Mentors)

We are so grateful to be the recipients of the 2019 FMCBC Member Club Grant and are looking forward to the continued expansion and strengthening of our community through the following winter 2019/2020 events:

  • Wendy Thompson Hut Trip: This is a 4-night hut trip for our mentorship pairs. Participants are given the opportunity to hone in their backcountry skills in a supportive group and with the help of two female guides!
  • The North Face SkillShare Series: This is a series of single-evening and single-day events open to the broader outdoors community. These events will not only provide an opportunity to practice important skills like companion rescue, but also serve as a platform for leadership opportunities for our mentees.

This winter, we had over 220 applicants to the program. We are so appreciative for the engine of the program: our volunteers, directors, social media coordinator and program manager. And, of course, none of this would be possible without the grit and drive of the womxn we are so fortunate to have in our program.

See you out there!

(Photo: Ellie Hand)

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