Trails Update

Trails Website Proposed

We are working on a proposal to launch a new trails information site linked to the FMCBC website for our members and public.   Most of our members hike and use various trail information sources including guidebooks, government websites and various trail websites however none of these really provide all the information that our members require.  A FMCBC trail website would also provide a means to collect usage data and priorities for trail maintenance.

The trails site would provide a good way to promote the FMCBC and ask for donations.

The idea is not to try to match trails websites such as All Trails or Gaia GPS.  The priority would be to work on better trail descriptions and to keep track of trail maintenance needs.

If you are hiking this summer and see a trail that needs some work please take a photo and send it to
the FMCBC with some information about:
Location: x km up (name of trail)
GPS location: If possible…
Description of issue
Contact name

We need help from an experienced web designer who has experience linking databases to WordPress.  Please contact Jay MacArthur ( if you are interested in helping.

Trail Audits in 2021

Some members in the FMCBC were trained how to do a trail audit in 2020.  Thanks to Mel Turner from the Elders Council for BC Parks who gave us some insights on how BC Parks used to do trail audits.  We were able to create reports on a few trails in the Lower Mainland and Sea to Sky area for BC Parks.  This helped us in our lobbying efforts for better funding in BC Parks backcountry areas.  If you would be interested in attending a seminar on how to collect information, please contact Jay MacArthur (

Clearing trail on the Alexander Mackenzie Heritage trail south of PG. (Photo: Dave King)

Trails Committee

We are trying to get the FMCBC Trails Committee re-started.  A preliminary meeting was held this spring to share information.  If you are interested in being added to our mailing list, please contact Tori Escallier our admin manager (


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