Backcountry Campgrounds

One issue we were discussing at a Recreation and Conservation Committee meeting a couple of years ago was the impacts of backcountry camping. Some of the issues discussed were:

• Human waste management
• Fire-rings in alpine areas
• Vegetation damage from tents and trampling
• Food storage
• Location of campsites

We didn’t decide on any actions then, but last year we heard that Tourism Pemberton got funding to build pit-toilets in a few backcountry locations near Pemberton.

This year, Monika Bittel suggested that we look at a tracking system that the BC Marine Trail Association had developed. Backcountry campgrounds and the BC Trail Tracker seemed to be a good fit. I suggested that we could create a form to get feedback on campground conditions in various locations.To fix a problem, you need to document and inventory the issues.

The result is a Backcountry Campground Reporting page in BC Trail Tracker. We haven’t decided yet on the best way to compile the information or report it, but we see this as a first step.

Taryn Eyton, the President of Friends of Garibaldi Park is a member of our Recreation and Conservation committee. She is passionate about backpacking and has written a book – BACKPACKING IN SOUTHWESTERN BRITISH COLUMBIA where she stresses the importance of good camping practices.

Taryn is also a director with Leave No Trace Canada. Check out their seven principles for leaving no trace.

Please contact the Trails Committee if you are interested in helping compile the information collected and work with us on action plans. Please tell your friends about the work the FMCBC is doing and get them to contribute too!

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