BC Trail Tracker and Trails Update for the Lower Mainland

The FMCBC released the BC Trail Tracker in late June at the annual general meeting.  Since then about 50 trails have been added to the trail tracker.  We need a lot more volunteers to write excellent trail descriptions.  Once the trail is in the system, other users can add trail maintenance reports to allow volunteers in the Trails Committee to contact the Trail Champion (A volunteer responsible for one or more trails).  The Trail Champion will contact the appropriate agency to fix the issue, or if it an issue that can be fixed by volunteers, they will organize a work party.

The trails committee has a list of about 10 people who are interested in trail repair work in the Lower Mainland (SW BC).  We could use at least 10 more volunteers just for SWBC.  What trail would you like to adopt?  Some current projects are listed below:

  • Peter Taylor, Ian McGillivray and I did a trail audit on the Mount Seymour Main trail to figure out the scope and cost of a project to rebuild about 2 km of the trail.
  • Jordan Labun did a trail inspection report on the East and West Canyon Loop in Golden Ears Park. Thanks Jordan! – for getting involved.  The loop in Golden Ears is in pretty good shape.  We think the Ridge Meadows Outdoor Club has been helping BC Parks with that trail.
  • Alex Wallace from the Friends of Cypress and I checked out a trail at the top of Black Mountain which is in pretty good shape.
  • Ania Dziewonski checked out the Dog Mountain trail beside Mount Seymour Park and found a few issues that need some maintenance and improvement.

I have been trying to negotiate a partnership agreement with BC Parks so we can assist BC Parks with actual trail work.  That is going very slowly, but hopefully will be concluded by next spring.

The Singing Pass project is still waiting for approval from Recreation Sites and Trails but unofficially they tell me that the approval could be soon.

Please search for your favourite trail in our BC Trail Tracker. If it hasn’t been added yet, please add the trail!

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